Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gina- My Girl

This is my buddy Sawyer. He is Gina's little boy and he is just my sweetie. I love him, and I love my friend Gina. As I mentioned last week and told you about Lesley, friends are important to me. After Lesley moved, it was so hard to find someone to fill that gap missing in a friend. I am so glad that Lesley and I are still in touch. And I was just so happy when God sent me Gina.
I love this picture, it looks like Sawyer got stuck between us and he can't get out! This is my Gina. What a friend. Let me tell you about Gina. Her world can be falling apart but you can be sure of 2 things" One, she will have a smile on her face, because she won't get beat! And two, she will ask YOU if you are okay and do you need anything. I was pregnant, and here she was, after her c-section, hurting and taking care of a newborn, and what does she do? Checks on me, brings me food.... Her son is in the hospital at 11 weeks...she looks after ME. She brought me a beautiful necklace after Anna was born because she said "The mother does not need to be overlooked when the baby arrives." One thing after another, and even in times of trial, she looks after me and loves me. I have NEVER had someone love me more sacrificially (besides my Savior, my parents and my hubby!) And boy, can she make some banana bread! Just ask Brian.

She loves my E. I love how she cares for her, brings her gifts, watches her (so I can teach Good News Club), hugs her, disciplines her, reads to her, is silly with her, is a mom to her. She is so special to Elizabeth and I love the bond that is forming between them.

Our friends. I love the time we spend together. It is rare to have a friend who seeks you out. In these times, often you have to really work to be close to friends. But just like my friendship with Lesley, it is effortless! Gina, Memphis and Sawyer mean the world to us.

We pray together...

We love to eat

And we definately love to play! I love our friendship. I thank God that He loves the bond of friendship as well. I thank him for giving Gina to my family. And I pray that you are blessed with a friend in your life who means even half as much!


  1. This reminds me of several dear friends. I dont know what we'd do without them! So many of our friends are family to us now.

  2. Helloooooo! Warning first! CRYING HERE!!!! Ya Butt! XOXO