Monday, January 31, 2011

Jamie, Gina and Amanda and Becky

So I really love my friends and lately they have REALLY been depositing into my love bank! Amanda and Becky recently came over and just hung out, drank coffee and spent time with me. I really needed that. And Amanda brought muffins from Fresh Market...does it get any better? Friends, coffee and Fresh Market Muffins?

Then I got to spend a couple days with my besty Gina. She makes me smile and I love the friendship that God has given to us.

Now these are some beautiful towels, are they not? My wonderful friend, neighbor and sister in Christ made these for me. And she loaded my girls down with gifts. I love you Jamie! She is so dear to me and I KNOW I don't tell her enough. So thank you to all these ladies who have made my 2011 the bomb so far!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Child Like Faith. (between you and me)

I look at you and the picture of Grace is so Beautiful.
The woman I see floating 3" off the ground is nothing of the one she used to be.
A Story of Mercy so profound, that I am compelled to Worship the Savior who wrote it.
This Mother, Sister, Friend, who's learned the art of Talking with the Father in the wee hours of the morning- reminds me to love Him more.
Her children look on with aw. Her husband calls himself blessed. Her friends can't imagine life without her.
And yet.
She humbly stands and says "Who?", "Me?".
"I am but a child in my faith"
and I say.
"And that is what makes your story so perfect. For you ARE the Kingdom of God.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Family

I love my family. What a great Christmas Season I had with all of them. Each of them blessed me in so many ways and I always feel like it rushes by and I can't express to them how much their gifts mean to me.

We know it's not all about the gifts...not even close. But when I do sit and reflect on them, and see the love and thought behind the gifts, it does continue to bless me. Long beyond the shine of the silver, or linger of the smell of perfume. Or the newness of the clothes or sparkle on the ring. When all that fades and no longer shines....the love that my family put into their gifts to me will continue.

I know there are so many who have to really question if they are loved by family. I am not one of them.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Posted by Picasa So there's a lot of power in that word, Content. I am. But not in a passive, don't care what's going on way, but in a "Wow, God is so good to me" way. I think a lot of times we have to see something bad, or experience something bad, or hurt with a friend, before we remember to be grateful. But this Christmas Season, I have had this overwhelming sense of contentment. I am so happy, so blessed. To a point where I know I must remember my Father and give Him all the glory. Life is hard. People around me are hurting. God is still Good. I wish everyone could know Him in His fullness and truly say this with me. I know there will come days for me to hurt. To suffer. Because life is hard and unpredictable and different around every turn.
I don't want anything. I don't need anything. I have an amazing network of friends, from every walk of life. I have a Godly Family that seeks after the Kingdom in every part of their lives. I have a husband that puts his Love for the Savior above all else and loves me as he loves himself, just as God commands. He loves his Children. Deeply. I have a home. I get to stay in that home and raise my children. I worship freely in a church that loves this World and every hurting heart in it. I have a Pastor who preaches lovingly yet strongly from the Word of God and does not hide behind Political correctness or fear. He leads us to passionately follow after Christ and Him Crucified.... and leads by example in a transparent and real way.
I want to say on this Tell Them Tuesday, that every one of you that touches my life, I am so grateful for you. I could never love you enough to fully express that to you. And in a world of people that "keep to themselves" I am so blessed with more friends than any one person should be allowed to have!
God has done all this.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun with Friends

Thank you to Julie and her family for hosting such a fun time with friends. She fed us and filled us up with sugar and let us trash her house! It was great and the kids were so pleased. I am blessed with really good friends and I hope they know that.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reminded today...

Today I was reminded why I started this blog. A mom wrote about her last days with her daughter before she was unexpectedly taken from this earth and into the arms of Jesus. If you have a little one saying, read to me, dance with me, paint my toe nails...then do it. And cherish the moment, every moment with those you love. Not living in dread or doom, but in joy over the Life God has given and the Eternal Life through his Son...

Go and visit, meet this little girl. Pray for her mom and the twins who will arrive on this earth and never know their big least in this life.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tiffany and Jamie and so many others

I have the best neighbors in the world. but this past week one of them blessed me twice. My neighbor Tiffany kept my kids so I could run off to a Thirty-One Gifts show. My hubby was working late and she took on a house full of kids for me. 2nd, she invited my E to an amazing birthday party, over at Cookies and Tea for Me. I am not sure she has ever had so much fun. She pranced around for days after that party.

Thank you Tiffany for loving on my kids a little.....

My other neighbor Jamie is supportive of EVERYTHING I do. From buying from my company to showing up at all my fundraisers! She is there for it all. I really do have the best neighbors.

Saturday we were able to raise a lot of money for Child Evangelism Fellowship. Because of a lot of people like Kristina and her sister and her friends, Martha Pam and other ladies who served pancakes. Running on their feet for 2 hours. To all the guys who cooked and let us boss them around. And especially to Lindi who set the whole thing up over at Applebees.

I am truly blessed by so many in my life. Thank you.