Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tiffany and Jamie and so many others

I have the best neighbors in the world. but this past week one of them blessed me twice. My neighbor Tiffany kept my kids so I could run off to a Thirty-One Gifts show. My hubby was working late and she took on a house full of kids for me. 2nd, she invited my E to an amazing birthday party, over at Cookies and Tea for Me. I am not sure she has ever had so much fun. She pranced around for days after that party.

Thank you Tiffany for loving on my kids a little.....

My other neighbor Jamie is supportive of EVERYTHING I do. From buying from my company to showing up at all my fundraisers! She is there for it all. I really do have the best neighbors.

Saturday we were able to raise a lot of money for Child Evangelism Fellowship. Because of a lot of people like Kristina and her sister and her friends, Martha Pam and other ladies who served pancakes. Running on their feet for 2 hours. To all the guys who cooked and let us boss them around. And especially to Lindi who set the whole thing up over at Applebees.

I am truly blessed by so many in my life. Thank you.

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