Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Still Tell Them Tuesday!

I have not forgotten Tell them Tuesday. I have just let my busy life, my full plate and my ever running over cup to keep me distracted. But this weekend a mother lost her 4 year old daughter, her only child, in a terrible accident and it reminded me about the shortness and preciousness of this life.

Appreciate and love those God has given you. Drink in the special, fleeting moments with those you love. Don't waste your time. But continue to set your hope on Christ. You must, because this life is such a vapor.

So today I thank my mother in law. She helped me out of a tight spot last night at the doctors office. And made going to the doctor with 2 little ones a special time. My girls were blessed with time with Grandma and even spoiled with some new toys!

Thank you Sandra for showing up in more ways than one.

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