Monday, January 31, 2011

Jamie, Gina and Amanda and Becky

So I really love my friends and lately they have REALLY been depositing into my love bank! Amanda and Becky recently came over and just hung out, drank coffee and spent time with me. I really needed that. And Amanda brought muffins from Fresh Market...does it get any better? Friends, coffee and Fresh Market Muffins?

Then I got to spend a couple days with my besty Gina. She makes me smile and I love the friendship that God has given to us.

Now these are some beautiful towels, are they not? My wonderful friend, neighbor and sister in Christ made these for me. And she loaded my girls down with gifts. I love you Jamie! She is so dear to me and I KNOW I don't tell her enough. So thank you to all these ladies who have made my 2011 the bomb so far!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Child Like Faith. (between you and me)

I look at you and the picture of Grace is so Beautiful.
The woman I see floating 3" off the ground is nothing of the one she used to be.
A Story of Mercy so profound, that I am compelled to Worship the Savior who wrote it.
This Mother, Sister, Friend, who's learned the art of Talking with the Father in the wee hours of the morning- reminds me to love Him more.
Her children look on with aw. Her husband calls himself blessed. Her friends can't imagine life without her.
And yet.
She humbly stands and says "Who?", "Me?".
"I am but a child in my faith"
and I say.
"And that is what makes your story so perfect. For you ARE the Kingdom of God.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Family

I love my family. What a great Christmas Season I had with all of them. Each of them blessed me in so many ways and I always feel like it rushes by and I can't express to them how much their gifts mean to me.

We know it's not all about the gifts...not even close. But when I do sit and reflect on them, and see the love and thought behind the gifts, it does continue to bless me. Long beyond the shine of the silver, or linger of the smell of perfume. Or the newness of the clothes or sparkle on the ring. When all that fades and no longer shines....the love that my family put into their gifts to me will continue.

I know there are so many who have to really question if they are loved by family. I am not one of them.