Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Sister Julie

My sisters are a great blessing to me. I mentioned Amy a while back.... http://tellthemtuesday.blogspot.com/2009/05/my-sister-amy-and-her-hubby-jeff.html But I cannot leave out my sister Julie..and Steve of course. But I think I will talk about him and Jeff more, later on!

Julie has been very active in Elizabeth's life. And now that she is a mommy herself, she is an even better Aunt. Can you believe that is Elizabeth in her arms? (in the first photo) Her little Sydney is so sweet. I miss seeing her more!

Julie has always been a great example to me. Always wanting to live her life in honor to God. She is a great wife, mommy and sister.

Here we are, very pregnant together in 2008. Somehow I got her to help me decorate both of my nurserys! They are both beautiful, if you have ever seen them, it's because of my two sisters that I have the coolest nurserys in the South! (btw, she made the outfit Sydney is wearing with her daddy)

Here we are at her baby shower here in Tally. It was fun getting to see her with her old friends again. It's so weird to think our little girls are in the photo with us, you just can't see them!

And she has become so talented. Staying home with her daughter, she has learned how to do so many things, sewing and decorating amazing cakes! she is so talented and blessed.

So I love my sister. I wanted you to know that today. Tell someone you love, how much you love and appreciate them today. Remember, we are not promised tomorrow, so don't wait too long!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good Bye Sweet Girl

To Kayleigh- http://www.thedoctorstv.com/main/content/Kayleigh

It was this little girl that inspired my Tell Them Tuesday. I am sitting here weeping, as I know that kayleigh's mom and dad said goodbye to her yesterday. You need to know her story. You need to go and read and see what God did in this little girl. How many millions of people, literally millions, who have been touched by her life. Pray for her mom and dad. Saying goodbye to a child should never be a part of our life. But it is. It does not make God any less God. Any less loving. Any less amazing. They would say, look what God HAS done. She is my Tell Them Tuesday.

Thank you Kayleigh. We will see you in Heaven. Until then, worship at His Throne. And be among the cloud of Witnesses that says..."How Great is Our God".


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Sister Amy and her hubby Jeff

The way I feel about my sister Amy is almost impossible to put into words. I feel that way about both my sisters (Julie, your next) Amy has given more and loved me more than I have ever heard of a sister doing. And I love the way she loves my girls as well. She has been a great Aunt along with her husband Jeff, who is a great Uncle as well. They love, love, love on us all the time.

They pray for my family and Amy is always encouraging me to further and deepen my walk with Christ. To seek him fully and to be used daily. They are so much fun and I look forward to every time that I get to go visit them. I just love my sister and Jeff. I cannot imagine my life without them. And I feel sorry for people who don't have sisters like I do. My life is fuller and more blessed than anyone can understand. Especially if you don't have an Amy of your own.