Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Sister Amy and her hubby Jeff

The way I feel about my sister Amy is almost impossible to put into words. I feel that way about both my sisters (Julie, your next) Amy has given more and loved me more than I have ever heard of a sister doing. And I love the way she loves my girls as well. She has been a great Aunt along with her husband Jeff, who is a great Uncle as well. They love, love, love on us all the time.

They pray for my family and Amy is always encouraging me to further and deepen my walk with Christ. To seek him fully and to be used daily. They are so much fun and I look forward to every time that I get to go visit them. I just love my sister and Jeff. I cannot imagine my life without them. And I feel sorry for people who don't have sisters like I do. My life is fuller and more blessed than anyone can understand. Especially if you don't have an Amy of your own.

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  1. Thanks for adding me to your list! It is so important to never take a moment for granted. We are never promised a tomorrow. What a great blog!