Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Special Thanks and Happy 8 years baby

This day has been great. I got a chance to run around and finish up some time sensitive issues without the kids! A dear young lady came over and kept the kids. Then I met my wonderful friend Julie for a pedicure...one that left me with the lack of ability to keep from drooling all over myself. It was heavenly! And then we had lunch....this gift was from Mesa and Julie for my birthday and it was just the sweetest gesture of love to me!
And tonight I will be celebrating 8 years of wonderful marriage with my best friend and hubby- Brian! I love you BP! Thanks for taking care of me and blessing our family with love and joy. Thanks for being such a great daddy....I love you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Special things....

On May 15 I was able to celebrate with friends and family the 35th birthday of Brian, my brother in law Bobby and myself! We had a Birthday Bowl and just a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who came out or sent in money to support my favorite ministry-Child Evangelism Fellowship

And of course, I have to thank Joshi for changing me and so many THOUSANDS of people. I love you Joshi. Thank you Nadene for sharing him with us...we love you so very much.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birthday Thanks!

On Wednesday before my birthday some great friends of mine joined me for a girls night out and blessed me with a great gift and CAKE! They were the first ones to celebrate my birthday with me!

Thank you to my friends and my Hubby for making me have a special birthday! On May 1 I turned 35 years old! I wanted to tell my friend Gina thank you for spoiling me on our retreat with Four Oaks. She just took really great care of me.

My friend Amanda came over and took care of my girls so Brian and I could go on a date. I returned to happy children, gifts, balloons, flowers and even a Birthday sign in my front yard. It's nice to feel loved.

My hubby gave me a beautiful ring for my birthday. LOVE IT!
On Sunday night I ended my birthday weekend with a great cake from our Bible Study leaders Mike and Pru- it was super yummy.

Thanks for my great Birthday!