Monday, April 20, 2009

My Lesley

I just miss my friend Lesley. And I want you to know how great she is. Lesley and I got to know each other when she lived here in Tallahassee. We went to Four Oaks Church together and it feels like she has always been in my life. She is family in every sense of the word. Her hubby got a new job up north. And at the time, I was not happy. But soon saw God's amazing plan in so many places.
From the adoption of her Son Angel, to her introduction of my sister to her now husband, Steve. There were so many blessings that came from her families move. We don't see each other much. But our friendship is one that never needs re-introductions. We are always a phone call or facebook message away from each other. Her family serves God faithfully. They are an inspiration to me and I love them very much. I hope Lesley will always know this.

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  1. I have a friend like that. We live hundreds of miles apart, but dont need anything other than a hi to get back on track.