Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tracy and her blonde friend

Tracy and I have a long history together. When I moved back to the states, after living in England for many years, she became my first friend at Tennessee Temple High.

I was quite the odd ball and we fit right in together. We definately had our share of laughs. Tracy and I have known each other now for many years...help me Tracy. How long has it been?

I love this girl. She has been a picture of faith, loyalty, love, encouragement,
joy, friendship....not a little, but a lot of everything. She has quite a good family and I miss not seeing them more. She kept in touch with me when I moved back to England. She wrote the longest letters that made me feel closer to home. She stayed in touch during Bible College and just over the last few years, we have stayed in better touch and try and see each other more.
I love you Tracy. You were priceless in my teenage years, you are priceless still. I love you so much. And I truly hope you realize this.

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