Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dave and Sandra Pulsifer- Mom and Dad

This great pictures are from Joyce at http://www.segoviastudio.com/

So I could not do another Tell Them Tuesday without saying something about My mother and father in law, Dave and Sandra. They have been really good to their kids, the sons and daughter in law, and their Grandkids. This has been a hard year for them and they still look for ways to give back to their kids. We just had fun going to the coast with them and eating at Angelos. (got my fix of shrimp!) I appreciate everything they do. Thinking of me in the small and big ways. For instance, I just recieved a cute Raggedy Ann and Andy Christmas ornament from them. They know how much I love those characters and thought enough of me when they saw it, to get it for me. Sandra is willing at any moment to stop what she is doing and help us. From coming over at the drop of a hat because I am flipping out over Elizabeth's high fever, or keeping the kids so I can run into Wal-mart and not go crazy! Dave is always wanting to take us out to eat and bless us however he can. He loves time with his family. So thank you Dave and Sandra, and if I fail to say it enough, we love and appreciate you very much!

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