Tuesday, June 8, 2010

so many that I love and appreciate....GREAT FRIENDS WHO DO GREAT THINGS

My friend Lindi- far left is so great about helping me in a pinch. If I need to drop the girls off and run to do an errand she is so gracious to open her home. I don't know if she realizes how amazing that is to me.

My friends Sherri and Sarah are wonderful at throwing creative parties. Just the best fun!
And I have to say a special thank you to Sarah, She put attention on me and Sherri at her last party and really blessed me. She told everyone about events Sherri and I were going to be a part of, that are near and dear to our hearts. She is giving and creative and loving...I know Sherri would agree. She made sure everyone knew what we were doing and gave to both of our causes.
Amanda is my friend there at the very bottom, she knows she is awesome. I told you about Amanda recently.....I have really good friends. I wish I could share them with the world!

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